you don’t say!

Amusing headline du jour (from Yahoo)…

You know what else? Jesus could have figure-skated with the best of them. He would have kicked ass at hockey, too. (Cue the King Missile track…)



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2 responses to “you don’t say!

  1. 2fs

    I should have linked to the original Yahoo page featuring the headline itself (since that of the article might change), which was “Jesus could have walked on ice.” I thought that was funny…since, uh, anyone can walk on ice.

    Then there was the “giant alcohol cloud” headline later that same day – I know a few people over whose houses such a cloud might well reside, but then the wording changed when Yahoo updated the page, and it was no longer as amusing. To the easily amused, like me, at least.

    dgzwt! I believe that’s the common fan way of referring to Shakespearian hip-hop group Dogs’ Wit. For more easy amusement, I suppose one could run hip-hop lyrics through a Shakespeare-oriented online language transformation engines. I’d do it myself, but I’m afraid I couldn’t quote a line of contemporary hip-hop at gunpoint.

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