Belgian Whistles: 2017 Top Albums Songpile

And without further ado (see previous post…): this time, I just posted the opening track of each album…except when it was an abstract/introductory item…

Part 1:

  1. The New Pornographers “Play Money” Whiteout Conditions 0:00
  2. The Bye Bye Blackbirds “Earl Grey Kisses” Take Out the Poison 4:34
  3. Filthy Friends “Despierta” Invitation 8:19
  4. Game Theory “All You Need Is White” Supercalifragile 12:33
  5. Wire “Playing Harp for the Fishes” Silver/Lead 16:25
  6. St. Vincent “Hang on Me” Masseduction 20:08
  7. Grizzly Bear “Wasted Acres” Painted Ruins 22:53
  8. The National “Nobody Else Will Be There” Sleep Well Beast 25:39
  9. Sparks “Missionary Position” Hippopotamus 30:00
  10. The Magnetic Fields “’66: Wonder Where I’m From” 50 Song Memoir 34:16
  11. Caroline Says “Winter Is Cold” 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong 36:57
  12. The Clientele “The Neighbour” Music for the Age of Miracles  39:36
  13. Robyn Hitchcock “I Want to Tell You About What I Want” Robyn Hitchcock 44:42
  14. The Black Watch “Whence” The Gospel According to John 48:23
  15. The Dream Syndicate “Filter Me Through You” How Did I Find Myself Here? 53:22

Part 2:

  1. Cotton Mather “The Cotton Mather Pledge” Wild Kingdom 0:00
  2. Guided by Voices “The Birthday Democrats” How Do You Spell Heaven? 3:03
  3. Omni “Afterlife” Multi-Task 5:32
  4. Monks of Doom “The Brontë Pin pt. 1” The Brontë Pin 7:18
  5. Brief Candles “A Way Around” Retreater 11:59
  6. Ted Leo “Moon Out of Phase” The Hanged Man 16:06
  7. Great Ytene “Mono Aware” Locus 20:23
  8. New Boss “Intro/Third Sister” Third Sister 24:01
  9. Spoon “Hot Thoughts” Hot Thoughts 27:28
  10. Washington Hebrew “Ima Try” Washington Hebrew 31:16
  11. Destroyer “Sky’s Grey” ken 34:48
  12. Robert Plant “The May Queen” Carry Fire 38:48
  13. Mark Eitzel “The Last Ten Years” Hey Mr. Ferryman 42:58
  14. Novella “Does the Island Know” Change of State 47:09
  15. Thurston Moore “Exalted” Rock n Roll Consciousness 51:02

+ 62:56

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