Mahatma Blondie: Covers Songpile 2

…And here’s the second mix of covers for 2017—tracks that came my way during the second half of the year. These are, again, arranged into two fully-segued playlists. Without further ado…


Part 1:

  1. Ramones “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” (Tom Waits cover) 0:00
  2. The Regrettes “Fox on the Run” (Sweet cover) 2:43
  3. The Mockers “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys cover) 5:57
  4. Michael Carpenter & Rob Smith “Look Through Any Window” (Hollies cover) 9:25
  5. Karla Kane “Mavis of Maybelline Towers” (Loud Family [with Anton Barbeau] cover) 12:43
  6. My Friend the Chocolate Cake “Buffalo Ballet” (John Cale cover) 15:54
  7. Joseph “Moonlight Mile” (Rolling Stones cover) 18:52
  8. Maria McKee “The Way Young Lovers Do” (Van Morrison cover) 22:44
  9. Bryan Ferry “What Goes On” (Velvet Underground cover) 26:08
  10. Hector Ward & the Big Time “Heart Full of Soul” (Yardbirds cover) 30:12
  11. V.V. Brown “This Charming Man” (Smiths cover) 33:54
  12. Bossie “Solsbury Hill” (Peter Gabriel cover) 36:51
  13. Lanterns on the Lake “Long, Long, Long” (Beatles/George Harrison cover) 40:13

Part 2:

  1. Dean Carter “Jailhouse Rock” (Elvis Presley cover) 0:00
  2. Great Ytene “This Is Not a Photograph” (Mission of Burma cover) 2:08
  3. Beach Slang “Like a Daydream” (Ride cover) 5:04
  4. KC Bowman “Moon Over Marin” (Dead Kennedys cover) 7:58
  5. Beach House “Play the Game” (Queen cover) 10:56
  6. The Moon Loungers “Enola Gay” (Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark cover) 15:09
  7. The Pretenders “I’m Not in Love” (10cc cover) 18:38
  8. Two Chalfonts “Kings Highway” (Tom Petty cover) 22:25
  9. Calexico “Corona” (Minutemen cover) 25:24
  10. Robyn Hitchcock & Graham Coxon “Octopus” (Syd Barrett cover) 28:25
  11. Luna “Letter to Hermione” (David Bowie cover) 32:15
  12. Eddie Hazel “California Dreamin'” (Mamas & the Papas cover) 34:38

(Next up…top albums of 2017…)




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