Shannon’s Fiat: Jeff’s 2017 Summer Songpile

Here we go again: best batch of songs that came my way from April through June. The title was chosen several months back…and now I can’t remember specifically what it referred to in the source…except that it’s Claude Shannon, not some woman named Shannon, and it’s a done deal, not an Italian sports car. (Timings refer to start times in the segued music file.)

Part 1:

  1. Flock of Dimes “Potential” 0:00
  2. Dario Slavazza “Work Out” 4:42
  3. Jay Som “Turn the Other Cheek” 8:34
  4. Drinks “I Am a Miserable Pig” 11:36
  5. Menace Beach “Maybe We’ll Drown” 15:59
  6. Courtney Barnett “How to Boil an Egg” 19:33
  7. North Collins “Wake Up” 23:23
  8. Angel Olsen “Fly on Your Wall” 26:17
  9. Filthy Friends “Any Kind of Crowd” 29:46
  10. Julian Cope “Ballad of King Plank” 32:58
  11. Cindy Lee “A Message from the Aching Sky” 35:38
  12. She-Devils “The World Laughs” 38:34
  13. Eric Harvey “When I Burn My Masterpiece” 42:20

Part 2:

  1. Suuns “Native Tongue” 0:00
  2. Vinyl Williams “Ode to Eternal” 4:17
  3. Slowdive “30th June” 8:07
  4. Annie Hardy “Want” 15:16
  5. Bob Mould “Eternally Fried” 20:03
  6. The Mike Benign Compulsion “The League of Professional Celebrities” 23:34
  7. Okkervil River “Denomination Blues” 26:10
  8. Midnight Sister “Leave You” 32:33
  9. OFO the Black Company “Allah Wakbarr” 34:54
  10. Ora Cogan “The Light” 38:18
  11. Sparks “Hippopotamus” 42:12
  12. The Grateful Dead “Days Between” 45:03

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