The Only Gospel Monkey Known! Jeff’s Spring 2017 Songpile

Random good songs that came my way during the first three months of 2017… As usual, these are arranged in musical order with no relation to any sort of ranking, etc. Each file is one big mp3, segued to flow smoothly:

Part 1:

  1. The Spires “Beautiful Cellophane” (0:00) (Thanks to John Andrew Fredrick (The Black Watch) for bringing this band to my attention!)
  2. Japanese Breakfast “Everybody Wants to Love You” (2:31)
  3. Tele Novella “Heavy Balloon” (4:41)
  4. Benoit Pioulard “The Sun Is Going to Explode but Whatever It’s OK” (7:54) (thanks to Dave Walker for this!)
  5. Radiohead “Lozenge of Love” (10:17)
  6. Great Ytene “Locus” (12:29)
  7. Jack Frost “Angela Carter” (17:16) (Grant McLennan and Steve Kilbey, if you didn’t know)
  8. Anthony Phillips “We’re All as We Lie” (21:56)
  9. Weyes Blood “Seven Words” (26:30)
  10. Jay Som “1 Billion Dogs” (31:04)
  11. Slowdive “Star Roving” (33:47)
  12. Telekinesis “Vermilion Night” (39:22)
  13. Pixx “I Bow Down” (43:40)

Part 2:

  1. The Creation “Tom Tom” (0:00)
  2. Overlake “Winter Is Why” (2:53)
  3. Dead Leaf Echo “Strawberryskin” (8:22)
  4. Princess Jesus “Emma, the Demons Are Real” (12:57)
  5. Diagrams “Wild Grasses” (16:28)
  6. Bill DeMain “Leroy Boy” (19:19) (“sequel” to Todd Rundgren’s “We Gotta Get You a Woman”)
  7. Yachts “Now I’m Spoken For” (22:42) (terribly neglected wonderful late-seventies/early-eighties band)
  8. Tris McCall “Take Me to the Waterfall” (25:43) (New Jersey local hero…with a huge, geographically based project at
  9. Carl Newman “Our Nero” (29:10)
  10. Nick Hakim “Bet She Looks Like You” (32:14)
  11. Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello “Tommy’s Coming Home” (36:00)
  12. Califone “When the Air Runs Out in Yr Gold Elevator” (40:07) (what other bastard would have a gold elevator?)

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