Stone: Jeff’s 2016 Covers Mix #2

A mix in two parts – each a continuous, segued playlist – of fun covers that have come my way during the second half of 2016. (The first covers mix was Wax.)

Part 1

  1. The Bangles “Open My Eyes” (The Nazz/Todd Rundgren cover) 0:00
  2. The Chemistry Set “We Luv You!” (Rolling Stones cover) 2:55
  3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (Velvet Underground/Lou Reed cover) 6:35
  4. The Church “I Am a Rock” (Simon & Garfunkel cover) 12:24
  5. Alex Vissia “Sundown” (Gordon Lightfoot cover) 14:34
  6. Hem “Radiation Vibe” (Fountains of Wayne cover) 17:59
  7. The Meters “Birds” (Neil Young cover) 21:43
  8. The Belle Brigade “No Time to Think” (Bob Dylan cover) 26:04
  9. Walter Martin “Breaking Glass” (David Bowie cover) 34:06
  10. Anton Barbeau “Love Me Do” (Beatles cover) 37:00
  11. Xiu Xiu “Into the Night” (Julee Cruise/Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch cover) 39:32
  12. The Sorry Shop “Elizabeth Colour Wheel” (Lilys cover) 44:39
  13. Shearwater “Kick in the Eye” (Bauhaus cover) 51:53

Part 2

  1. The Chronics “I’ve Got Levitation” (13th Floor Elevators/Roky Erickson cover) 0:00
  2. The Blue Aeroplanes “Outdoor Miner” (Wire cover) 2:41
  3. Caustic Resin “Hold Your Head Up” (Argent cover) 5:24
  4. Guided by Voices “Underwater Moonlight” (Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock cover) 8:28
  5. Robert Plant “Song to the Siren” live version (Tim Buckley cover) 14:33
  6. Okkervil River “Anthem” live 11/11/16 (Leonard Cohen cover) 19:41
  7. Sonic Youth “I Know There’s an Answer” (Beach Boys cover) 25:45
  8. Lee Ranaldo and the Dust “You Just May Be the One” (Monkees/Mike Nesmith cover) 28:47
  9. Karin Krog & Dexter Gordon “Ode to Billie Joe” (Bobbie Gentry cover) 30:55
  10. Breakfast in Fur “Cripple Creek Ferry” (Neil Young cover) 39:11
  11. Permanent Clear Light “Cymbaline” (Pink Floyd cover) 42:24
  12. The Raveonettes “The End” (Doors cover) 45:49

…and a bonus track…


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