That Was Patrol. This Is the War. (Jeff’s 2016 albums songpile)

Here’s a selection of tracks from my 30 or so favorite albums released during 2016 (as usual, I exclude compilations, live albums, or EPs): That Was Patrol. This Is the War. I sequenced the songs for musical effect, with no relation to their overall ranking (which, as also usual, is very sketchy…). The links are to two large, continuous playlists (the parenthetical numbers indicate where a track begins).

Part 1

  1. A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead “Burn the Witch” (o:00)
  2. Stay Being Holophrase “Alligatron” (3:39)
  3. Hold/Still Suuns “Fall” (7:29)
  4. Preoccupations Preoccupations “Anxiety” (10:33) (band formerly known as Viet Cong)
  5. Clear Shot Toy “We Will Disperse”(15:00)
  6. Animal Races Cool Ghouls “Spectator”(19:04)
  7. Death of the Cool Cotton Mather “Close to the Sun” (23:14)
  8. Innocence Reaches Of Montreal “Gratuitous Abysses” (26:46)
  9. Magic Act Anton Barbeau “High Noon” (30:53)
  10. Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop “Gardenia” (34:26)
  11. Forever Sounds Wussy “Dropping Houses” (38:37)
  12. A Coliseum Complex Museum The Besnard Lakes “Golden Lion” (42:51)
  13. Heron Oblivion Heron Oblivion “Your Hollows” (46:35)
  14. A Tighter Knot Squarewave “Stay Away” (52:39)
  15. Jet Plane and Oxbow Shearwater “Pale Kings” (57:48)

Part 2

  1. Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean ESP Ohio “A Much Needed Shot in the Arm” (0:00)
  2. You Know Who You Are Nada Surf “Out of the Dark” (2:23)
  3. Look Park Look Park “Aeroplane” (6:03)
  4. Commontime Field Music “Disappointed” (10:19)
  5. Blackstar David Bowie “Dollar Days” (13:23)
  6. Human Performance Parquet Courts “Keep it Even” (18:07)
  7. Crab Day Cate Le Bon “I Was Born on the Wrong Day” (20:52)
  8. Bedlamist Statuesque “Till the Last Lash” (23:07)
  9. Utopia Defeated D.D Dumbo “The Day I First Found God” (25:17)
  10. Schmilco Wilco “Shrug and Destroy” (28:47)
  11. Away Okkervil River “Comes Indiana Through the Smoke” (31:34)
  12. I Had a Dream That You Were Mine Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam “The Morning Stars” (36:19)
  13. Good Times! The Monkees “Me & Magdalena” (40:04)
  14. Star Treatment Wovenhand “Come Brave” (43:33)
  15. My Woman Angel Olsen “Woman” (47:35)

Top-ranking albums:

  • Blackstar David Bowie
  • Commontime Field Music
  • Heron Oblivion Heron Oblivion
  • Hold/Still Suuns
  • My Woman Angel Olsen
  • Preoccupations Preoccupations
  • Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean ESP Ohio
  • Star Treatment Wovenhand
  • Stay Being Holophrase

Almost-top-ranking albums:

  • Animal Races Cool Ghouls
  • Away Okkervil River
  • Bedlamist Statuesque
  • Clear Shot Toy
  • A Coliseum Complex Museum The Besnard Lakes
  • Crab Day Cate Le Bon
  • Death of the Cool Cotton Mather
  • Forever Sounds Wussy
  • Human Performance Parquet Courts
  • I Had a Dream That You Were Mine Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  • Innocence Reaches Of Montreal
  • Jet Plane and Oxbow Shearwater
  • Look Park Look Park
  • Magic Act Anton Barbeau
  • Metal Frames Split Single (late addition!)
  • A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead
  • Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop
  • Schmilco Wilco
  • A Tighter Knot Squarewave
  • Utopia Defeated D.D Dumbo

Next: The Blackberry Train James McCartney, case/lang/veirs case/lang/veirs, A Corpse Wired for Sound Merchandise, Going Down in History Waco Brothers, Incidental Lightshow The Armoires, Is The Is Are DIIV, M:FANS John Cale, Masterpiece Big Thief, New Skin CRX, New View Eleanor Friedberger, Of Course You Are Robert Pollard, On the Slide The Figgs, Please Be Honest Guided by Voices, Pretty Years Cymbals Eat Guitars, Puberty 2 Mitski, Sunlit Youth Local Natives, Teens of Denial Car Seat Headrest, Tween Wye Oak, Unseen The Handsome Family, The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys The Prophet Hens.

And still quite good: Adore Life Savages, Around the House Chook Race, Blanco David Bazan, Caught in the Darkness Trolley, Everything You’ve Come to Expect The Last Shadow Puppets, Happiless Happiless, Here Teenage Fanclub, Hitch The Joy Formidable, Icy Red The Zags, If You See Me, Say Yes Flock of Dimes, Life in the Dark The Felice Brothers, Minor Victories Minor Victories, Painting With Animal Collective, Rolling Disclosure The Paranoid Style, Scobberlotchers Momus, The Ship Brian Eno, Solid States The Posies, Unnecessary Evil The Lees of Memory, Weaves Weaves, Wyatt at the Coyote Palace Kristin Hersh.

Honorable mention: Are You Serious Andrew Bird, Emotions and Math Margaret Glaspy, Not to Disappear Daughter, Patch the Sky Bob Mould, Rock n Rills Used Cassettes, Tired of Tomorrow Nothing, Void Beats/Invocation Trex Cavern of Anti-Matter.

Some good EPs: Blind Spot Lush, Future Present Past The Strokes, Life & Levity Man Is Not a Bird, Nocturnal Koreans Wire, Oooze Shmu, Ritual Spirit Massive Attack, Six Seasons Allen Clapp.

If I haven’t mentioned a record, either I haven’t heard it, thought it was only okay, or it was really totally utterly awful and how dare you even suggest it’s any good.


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