Wax: Jeff’s 2016 Covers Mix #1

Here’s the first batch of fun covers I ran into this year, titled Wax. The links are to two segued files of all the tracks (Clyp has a 100MB limit, so it’s two such “sets” rather than one). I found some particularly effective segues this time, so enjoy…
  1. “Hey” Matthew’s Celebrity Pixies Covers (in the style of Prince) (Pixies cover) 0:00
  2. “Back in Black” Hot Kangaroo (AC/DC cover) 3:28
  3. “Blue Monday” Orkestra Obsolete (using entirely instruments and such available no later than the 1930s) (New Order cover) 8:26
  4. “Some Velvet Morning” Peter Zaremba’s Love Delegation (Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra cover) 12:11
  5. “Use Me” Holly Golightly (Bill Withers cover) 14:53
  6. “From a Buick 6” Gary U.S. Bonds (Bob Dylan cover) 17:51
  7. “Sway” Yeti Lane (Rolling Stones cover) 22:10
  8. “Mote” The Faint (Sonic Youth cover) 26:56
  9. “Too Late” Band of Susans (Wire cover) 31:07
  10. “Gimme Danger” Game Theory (Iggy & the Stooges cover) 34:35
  11. “Blackstar” Jherek Bischoff, Amanda Palmer, Anna Calvi, Kronos Quartet (David Bowie cover) 36:51
  12. “There Goes a Tenner” Parenthetical Girls (Kate Bush cover) 45:22
  13. “Parasite” Robyn Hitchcock (Nick Drake cover) 48:54
  1. “Paranoid” Surf Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover) 0:00
  2. “Amanda Ruth” The Everly Brothers (Rank & File cover) 2:45
  3. “Tempted” The Corner Laughers (Squeeze cover) 5:55
  4. “Eleanor Rigby” Ilous & Decuyper (Beatles cover) 9:56
  5. “Today” Ulver (Jefferson Airplane cover) 14:34
  6. “Dancing Barefoot” Her Majesty (Patti Smith cover) 17:52
  7. “Lovesong” Kumbia Queers (The Cure cover) 22:24
  8. “Emotional Rescue” St. Vincent (Rolling Stones cover) 26:24
  9. “Purple Rain” Bruce Springsteen (live) (Prince cover) 31:38
  10. “SOS” Portishead (ABBA cover) 38:00
  11. “Oh No, I Don’t Believe It” The Fraternity of Man (Frank Zappa cover) 41:23
  12. “I’m Set Free” (Fickle Sun part iii) Brian Eno (Velvet Underground cover) 47:42
  13. “Twist and Shout” Matt Keating (Lou Reed – uh, Beatles/Isley Brothers cover) 52:48

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