Chameleon: Jeff’s Spring 2016 Songpile

First batch of songs for 2016 – stuff that came to me that isn’t on albums I own. This time, the playlist is divided into two files on Clyp (links below). Each file presents the tracks in uninterrupted sequence cleanly segued.
  1. The Moles “Beauty Queen of Watts” 00.00
  2. Peter Stringer-Hye “Throw Away the Day” 02.21
  3. Belle and Sebastian “A Politician’s Silence” (technically I have this album…but this is from the extended LP version and not on the CD/download version) 06.37
  4. St. Vincent “Teenage Talk” 12.16
  5. Holy Wave “California Took My Bobby Away” 16.17
  6. The Good Listeners “Everybody Join the Party” 21.52
  7. Weekender “Floaty Feeling, Blue” 26.24
  8. Phèdre “Zastroszy” 30.57
  9. Suuns “Translate” 34.39
  10. Cotton Mather “Child Bride” 39.37
  11. Quilt “Hissing My Plea” 42.20
  12. Courtney Barnett “Three Packs a Day” 46.41
  13. The Soft Hills “Sweet Louise” 49.26
  14. White Fence “Before He Met Her (Decomposing Lime)” 53.00
  1. Golden Daze “Never Coming Back” 00.00
  2. The Quick “Pretty Please Me” 02.06
  3. Sun Hex “Sun Hex” 06.33
  4. Cold Sun “Here in the Year” 10.00
  5. Horse Jumper of Love “Ugly Brunette” 18.48
  6. Guided by Voices “Sucker of Pistol City” 21.42
  7. Hamilton Leithauser & Paul Maroon “My Reward” 24.04
  8. Yardsss “Granfalloons II” 28.29
  9. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk “Love Me Denver” 34.04
  10. Joe LaRose “Things That We Should Have Done” 37.22
  11. Peter Buck “World Spins Around You” 40.54

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