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A Metronome of Quilts: second 2015 covers mix

The last of my year-end flurry of mixes…this one consisting of the covers I most liked among those I ran into (or became reacquainted with) during the second half of 2015. Here it is: A Metronome of Quilts:

  1. Anton Barbeau “Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl” (Robyn Hitchcock) 0:00
  2. Continental Drifters “When You Dance I Can Really Love” (Neil Young) 2:22
  3. Paul Myers “I Want to Tell You” (the Beatles) 6:00
  4. Grace Vonderkuhn “Love My Way” (Psychedelic Furs) 9:23
  5. Cristina Quesada “Just Like Honey” (Jesus & Mary Chain) 13:02
  6. Susanna Hoffs “Ghost of His Smile” (Sparklehorse) 15:05
  7. Show of Hands “The Boys of Summer” (Don Henley) 18:09
  8. Casper Iskov “Schizophrenia” (Sonic Youth) 22:14
  9. Field Report “Take Down Your Flag” (Peter Mulvey) 26:17
  10. The Unthanks “Shipbuilding” (Elvis Costello/Robert Wyatt) 29:28
  11. Makrosoft “Losing My Religion” (R.E.M.) 33:09
  12. PMJ ft. Sara Niemietz “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” (Talking Heads) 38:11
  13. Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach “My Little Red Book” (Manfred Mann) 42:09
  14. Of Montreal “Time Will Show the Wiser” (Emitt Rhodes Merry-Go-Round/Fairport Convention cover) 44:34
  15. These United States “To Ramona” (Bob Dylan) 48:16
  16. Mandible “Cousin Kevin” (The Who) 52:14
  17. Popdudes “Kinder Murder” (Elvis Costello) 56:15
  18. Race Horses “No Man’s Land” (Syd Barrett) 59:26
  19. Manishevitz “Free Will and Testament” (Robert Wyatt) 1:01:25
  20. Leo Kottke “Eight Miles High” (The Byrds) 1:05:32
  21. Glenn Mercer “Third Stone from the Sun” (Jimi Hendrix) 1:09:02
  22. D’Cuckoo “No One Receiving” (Brian Eno) 1:15:35
  23. Corinne Bailey Rae “Since I’ve Been Loving You” (Led Zeppelin) 1:20:51
  24. White Flag “Wuthering Heights” (Kate Bush) 1:25:12
  25. XTC “Ella Guru” (Captain Beefheart) 1:29:09

As always (recently)…this is one big mp3 file. If you like any of the songs, please consider actually buying them.

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