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Incorrect Valley Systems: Fall 2015 Songpile

The usual…highlights of stray tracks that came my way between July and the end of September.

Fall 2015 Songpile (stray tracks & whatnot): Incorrect Valley Systems

  1. Superchunk “Come Pick Me Up” (00:00)*
  2. Nap Eyes “Dark Creedence” (03:58)
  3. Beck “Dreams” (08:16)
  4. N. Lannon “Another Love” (13:28)
  5. Cayucas “Moony Eyed Walrus” (17:22)
  6. Drinks “Eighteen Teenage Revenge Pair” (20:57)
  7. EL VY “Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo) (25:21)
  8. The Strokes “Hawaii” (29:30)
  9. 31Ø8 “Into the City” (33:18)
  10. The Bye Bye Blackbirds “These Blues” (35:42)
  11. Roger Lion “A Dead Man’s Song” (39:42)
  12. Lana Del Rey “Terrence Loves You” (43:11)
  1. Martin Courtney “Vestiges” (48:01)
  2. The Old Ceremony “Magic Hour” (52:56)
  3. Woolen Men “Temporary Monument” (57:18)
  4. Raccoon Fighter “15 Minutes” (1:01:08)
  5. The Mantles “Doorframe” (1:04:40)
  6. The Most Serene Republic “Love Loves to Love Love” (1:07:54)
  7. Cheatahs “Seven Sisters” (1:11:53)
  8. Gardens & Villa “Fixations” (1:16:33)
  9. Julia Holter “Sea Calls Me Home” (1:20:24)
  10. Shades “Balloon” (1:23:29)
  11. Froth “Postcard Radio” (1:27:28)
  12. Teen Daze “Along” [home recording] (1:30:02)
  13. Pixx “A Way to Say Goodbye” (1:34:00)
  14. (1:38:07)

For annoying and complicated reasons [cough*copyrightcops*coughcough], there’s no YouTube version of this – but the One Big Union soundfile is here. There’s also a Spotify attempted version, missing several key tracks.

* Okay, yes…this is technically a cover (which I put on separate covers mixes because this is my page and I make the rules). Ryan Adams wrote it, titling it after the Superchunk album of the same name…but actually, I didn’t know that at the time, because Superchunk’s version sounds so damned much like a Superchunk song that…well, mea fucking culpa is all.

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