Submarine Whispering Gallery: Spring 2015 Songpile

The usual – anyone who’s actually reading this knows by now…the songpiles are stray tracks that have come my way in the last three months that aren’t on whole albums that I own. This batch includes the following:

  1. Anamai “Half”
  2. John Vanderslice “Midnight Blue”
  3. The Paperhead “Pictures of Her Demise”
  4. Flyying Colours “Feathers”
  5. She’s So Rad “Sewn Up Sunrise”
  6. Vinyl Williams “World Soul”
  7. Todd Rundgren/Emil Nikolaisen/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm “Put Your Arms Around Me”
  8. Zero 7 “Home” [Stereolab remix]
  9. Le Volume Courbe “House”
  10. The Living Statues “Blackout”
  11. T. Hardy Morris “My Me”
  12. Red Sea “Tandem Style”
  13. Summer Fiction “Perfume Paper”
  14. No Joy “Moon in My Mouth”
  15. Moon Honey “Boy Magic”
  16. Wren Kitz “Hall of Lame”
  17. Lower Dens “Johnssong”
  18. James Cook “Bees in November”
  19. Crosss “Dance Down”
  20. Two Sheds “I Am My Own”
  21. Johanna Warren “True Colors”
  22. Little Racer “Jack Knife”
  23. Tough Age “Warm Hair”
  24. The Flashing Lights “Friends You Learn to Hate”
  25. Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” (“acoustic” version)

This time, the playlist is a single YouTube “video” (image chosen from those that show up with an image search of the title) that segues the tracks. If anyone knows a quicker way than iMovie to add an image to a soundtrack (on Mac), let me know – uploading this thing took hours. Enjoy!

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