Semantic Entropy Sink: songpile 1 for 2015

The usual…25 songs from who knows where: anywhere except albums I’ve purchased (probably).

  1. Beacon “Fault Lines”
  2. The Fin. “Night Time”
  3. Sam Cohen “Let the Mountain Come to You”
  4. American Wrestlers “I Can Do No Wrong”
  5. Lost Boy ? “Love You Only”
  6. Weed “Thousand Pounds”
  7. Gal Pals “Here’s to the Gals”
  8. Colours “You Were Mine”
  9. Young Guv “Crawling Back to You”
  10. Faith Healer “Canonized”
  11. The Nightcrawlers “A Basket of Flowers”
  12. Lewis & Clarke “The Silver Sea”
  13. Robert Darlington “I Need a Miracle”
  14. Steve Barton & the Oblivion Click “Kinks on Vinyl”
  15. Split Single “Glori”
  16. Thomas D’Arcy “All Over Your Face”
  17. LMNOP “Forever Through the Sun”
  18. Cheatahs “Sunne”
  19. Warehouse “Omission”
  20. Cotillon “Gloom”
  21. Etiquette “Brown and Blue”
  22. Grand Vapids “Secret Sin”
  23. Pinkshinyultrabeast “Glitter”
  24. Northern American “Elysian”
  25. The Zambonis “Andy Moog Meets Robert Moog”

UPDATE: Well, I left out two tracks from the original compressed file I’d uploaded here. No one cared, apparently…at least not enough to notice and remind me, but regardless: I’ve reordered the tracks slightly and uploaded a new version, this time as a single, long .mp3 file.

Secret Chimp!


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