Conscious Uncrumpling (Or, The Tracks of My Tiers)

Here’s what’s on my 2014 best albums playlist. The order is musically motivated, and it doesn’t reflect any sort of ranking.

So, Conscious Uncrumpling:

  1. Johnny Marr “Playland”
  2. Camper Van Beethoven “Dockweiler Beach”
  3. The New Pornographers “War on the East Coast”
  4. Tom Vek “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)”
  5. Popstrangers “Country Kills”
  6. The Caribbean “The Chemistry Sisters”
  7. Morrissey “Istanbul”
  8. The New Mendicants “Cruel Annette”
  9. Ex Hex “You Fell Apart”
  10. Body Futures “When You Had a Jaw”
  11. The Both “Bedtime Stories”
  12. Neil Finn “In My Blood”
  13. The GOASTT “Animals”
  14. Owen Pallett “The Passions”
  15. Beck “Turn Away”
  16. Joe Henry “Every Sorrow”
  17. Peter Matthew Bauer “Latin American Ficciones”
  18. Outrageous Cherry “The Department of Ghosts”
  19. The Black Watch “Anne of Leaves”
  20. Split Single “Fragmented World”
  21. St. Vincent “Birth in Reverse”
  22. TV on the Radio “Happy Idiot”
  23. Interpol “Ancient Ways”
  24. Temples “The Guesser”
  25. Cymbals Eat Guitars “Warning”
  26. Spoon “Rainy Taxi”
  27. Three Minute Tease “Coffee That Makes the Man Go Mad”
  28. Angel Olsen “Hi-Five”
  29. Army Navy “Birdy”
  30. Eno – Hyde “Who Rings the Bell”

(The earlier post today details way more than you need to know about which records I liked in 2014.)

So have a listen.


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