Winter Songpile 2014: The Azimuth Error of Revolution

Right…’ere it is again. A little number we call…25 stray tracks that have come my way during the winter of 2014 that aren’t on albums I own (yet). Or otherwise fit in with entirely arbitrary rules of my own making. The list:

  1. Nude Beach “I Can’t Keep the Tears from Falling”
  2. Talk in Tongues “Still Don’t Seem to Care”
  3. Jorge Elbrose “Called to Ring”
  4. Panda Bear “Mr. Noah”
  5. St. Vincent “Sparrow” [b-side]
  6. Sabina “Toujours”
  7. Nots “Reactor”
  8. Drums “Magic Mountain”
  9. Stephen Doster “Arizona”
  10. N. Lannon “Dreamers”
  11. Cleopatra Degher “California Forest Fire”
  12. Steve Gunn “Milly’s Garden”
  13. You Am I “Mr. Milk”
  14. Eyelids “Forget About Tomorrow”
  15. Needle Points “Black Hurricane”
  16. Invisible Familiars “Heavenly All”
  17. Sam Cohen “Kepler 62”
  18. Valise “Don’t Forget Me”
  19. Johnny Marr “The It-Switch” [b-side]
  20. Happy Diving “Weird Dream”
  21. Sugar Candy Mountain “Soak Up the City”
  22. Sporting Life “Tsunami”
  23. David Bowie “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)”
  24. John Cale “If You Were Still Around (2014)”
  25. Dan Bern “Talkin’ Woody, Bob, Bruce & Dan Blues”

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