My Guardian Anger (Fall Songpile)

It’s that thing again with the songs that I heard that I liked.

  1. The Fresh & Onlys “Take Back the Night”
  2. Airport 5 “In the Brain”
  3. Eno – Hyde “Beebop Hurry”
  4. Clean George IV “Change”
  5. Niagara “Currybox”
  6. They Might Be Giants “Pictures of Pandas Painting”
  7. Viet Cong “Static Wall”
  8. Devon Williams “Puzzle”
  9. Together Pangea “Offer”
  10. Free Time “Esoteric Tizz”
  11. Invisible Familiars “Digger’s Invitation”
  12. Apache Dropout “Trash Is Treasure”
  13. Celestial Shore “Creation Myth”
  14. A Shoreline Dream “The Heart Never Recovered”
  15. Voice Coils “In Sixths”
  16. Hungry Cloud Darkening “Clearly Seen”
  17. Grauzone “Eisbaer”
  18. Membranes “Wounded Bull in Victorian England”
  19. The Rumors “Without Her”
  20. Radical Dads “In the Water”
  21. Zammuto “Great Equator”
  22. Stolen Jars “Folded Out”
  23. Andrew St. James “Tapes”
  24. Roomrunner “Chrono Trigger”
  25. Tennis System “Memories & Broken Dreams”

Curiously, there are 5 consecutive tracks whose titles feature doubled letters…and if I’d swapped TMBG and Niagara, it could have been 6. (Add in Eno – Hyde, Hungry Cloud Darkening, Membranes, and Roomrunner…and 40% of the song titles feature doubled letters.)

As always, these “songpile” mixes feature stray tracks: songs that aren’t on albums I own (unless I decide to include one anyway). Some of them are new, some of them are old (the oldest one here is from 1965).

So, here it is: My Guardian Anger (Fall 2014 Songpile).



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2 responses to “My Guardian Anger (Fall Songpile)

  1. Gilles

    Just stumbled across your post, I have posted the un-mastered version on Soundcloud :

  2. Gilles

    Sorry I meant to comment on a 2011 post about covers, shows my age. Apologies

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