Summer Songpile

The One Where He Puts Together a Playlist of Tracks That Have Come His Way Over the Past Three Months That Are Not on Albums He Owns (Yet).

This one’s called Intrusive Algorithms (I should have kept track of where I ran into the odd phrases that I’m using for this year’s mix titles…sometimes, they’re searchable, though…).

  1. Yellow Ostrich “Shades”
  2. Tom Vek “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)”
  3. Beezewax “Everyone Will Tear You Down”
  4. The Proper Ornaments “Magazine”
  5. White Fence “Like That”
  6. Connections “Jeni and Johnny”
  7. Matt Kivel “Insignificance”
  8. Kissaway Trail “Sarah Jevo”
  9. Invisible Familiars “Clever Devil”
  10. Nova Social “Turn to Crime”
  11. Amen Dunes “Lonely Richard”
  12. Betty Black “Come Back Lover”
  13. Peter Matthew Bauer “Latin American Ficciones”
  14. 31ø8 “Ease Up”
  15. Muscle Beach “Let’s Get Dumb”
  16. Ex Hex “Everywhere”
  17. Lower “Soft Option”
  18. Camper Van Beethoven “City of Industry” (okay…technically, this is a bonus track on an album I do own…but hey: I make the rules)
  19. Lungfish “The Words”
  20. Bart Davenport “Fuck Fame”
  21. The Corner Laughers “Midsommar”
  22. Chad & Jeremy “Sunstroke”
  23. Jacco Gardner “A House on the Moon”
  24. Overlake “Our Sky”
  25. Melted Toys “Observations”

(link above)


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