Rite of Spring

It’s the first songpile of 2014 – a collection of random stray tracks I’ve liked.

This one – titled after a peculiar headline – is called See-Through Seafood Baffles Angler!

  1. Ava Luna “Daydream”
  2. Milagres “The Letterbomb”
  3. The Tower of Light “Lightnet”
  4. Overlake “Disappearing”
  5. Ex Hex “Hot and Cold”
  6. Billy Nicholls “London Social Degree”
  7. Drowners “Luv, Hold Me Down”
  8. Houndstooth “Canary Island”
  9. Laura Stevenson “Runner”
  10. Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess”
  11. September Girls “Green Eyed”
  12. Jon Langford and Skull Orchard “Mars” [demo]
  13. Gila “This Morning”
  14. Peggy Sue “Idle”
  15. French Films “Where We Come From”
  16. Painted Palms “Here it Comes”
  17. Shmu “She’s Leaving”
  18. Broods “Pretty Thing”
  19. Photo Ops “Chameleons”
  20. AJ Davila & Alex Anwandter “Lo Que No Será”
  21. Bluffing “Mind/Mood”
  22. EMA “So Blonde”
  23. TV on the Radio “Mercy”
  24. The Speakers “The Weaver”
  25. The Zags “Tattoo”



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