Winter songpile!

The “songpile” playlists are songs I like that aren’t on albums I own…so it’s where freelance tracks from singles, EPs, live recordings, god knows what-all, end up compiled.

This batch here what is called Multi-Cavity Production Spiders what do has songs on it what are good to hear. Here:

  1. Piers Faccini “Black Rose”
  2. Grooms “I Think We’re Alone Now”
  3. DTCV “I Was Where Were You”
  4. Swervedriver “Deep Wound”
  5. The Parson Red Heads “To the Sky”
  6. The Can’t Tells “No Television”
  7. The Stargazer Lilies “Del Rey Mar”
  8. Parenthetical Girls “Portrait of a Reputation”
  9. Circuit des Yeux “Lithonia”
  10. Bee Gees “Nobody’s Someone”
  11. One Finger Riot “Lifted Off”
  12. Albert Hammond Jr. “Cooker Ship”
  13. Mount Pressmore “Trampoline”
  14. LA Font “Sharks”
  15. Weekender “Spanish Peaks”
  16. The Visibles “Clarendon Hills”
  17. AAA Battery “Tea Time”
  18. Jacco Gardner “Puppets Dangling”
  19. Midlake “Antiphon”
  20. SWF “Warrior”
  21. Shy Boys “Is This Who You Are?”
  22. Frankie Rose “Sorrow”
  23. Anny Celsi “Christmas in the Pines”
  24. Sky Larkin “Motto”
  25. Peter Batchelder “The Damage I Did” (closing title theme, Modus Operandi)

Tomorrow: Cover mix for the second half of 2013.



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