Let the Songpile Fall!

Here’s my Fall 2013 songpile: a bunch of well-loved tracks that have come my way (in this case from July through September of this year) that aren’t on albums I own… Many of them are new, some of them are not.

This one’s called An Expectant Ferret for the usual lack of any reason at all (except it’s a phrase I ran into somewhere and liked).

  1. Oliver Wilde “Walter Stevens’ Only Daughter
  2. Virginia Wing “Red Sails”
  3. Pixies “Bagboy”
  4. Headsets “My Brother and the Ghost of Ho Chi Minh”
  5. Billy Bragg & Wilco “Be Kind to the Boy on the Road”
  6. Grant Olney “Who You Are for Me”
  7. Villagers “Earthly Pleasure”
  8. Sean Rowe “Horses”
  9. John Cale “All Summer Long”
  10. Beck “I Won’t Be Long”
  11. Blouse “No Shelter”
  12. Zumpano “The Only Reason Under the Sun” (single version)
  13. Tennis System “Such a Drag”
  14. Primal Scream “2013”
  15. Shelby Earl “Swift Arrows”
  16. Cleaners from Venus “Wivenhoe Bells” (1980 version)
  17. Dietrich Gosser “Oh to Begin!”
  18. Yourself and the Air “Home Photo”
  19. Surf City “It’s a Common Life”
  20. Houndstooth “Canary Island”
  21. John Davis “Masoch”
  22. The Band in Heaven “Fairweather Friends”
  23. Stella “L’idole des jaunes”
  24. Sam Amidon “He’s Taken My Feet”
  25. Grapefruit “Elevator”

Fall to!


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