sand, glue, formaldehyde

Here’s a new song.

I never know where songs are going to come from, and this is one of the odder sources. A while back, I was reminded of this image, which I’d scanned from an ad for a concert a few years ago:

DBDPossibly an error in judgment rendering “The Dead” and “Bob Dylan” in the same type and style…at the time I captioned the image “Zombie Bob!”

When I saw it again, I re-posted it, noting that I should do so before it was too apt (not that Dylan’s in particularly ill health, so far as I know)…but something clicked, and…the idea of a song called “The Dead Bob Dylan” started to take shape.

The lyrics (and the song) are short, so I’ll just put them here:

The dead Bob Dylan
sings a Geiger counter
whose slow peaks graph falling night
The dead Bob Dylan
hears the cypress shiver,
reads the words the keen wind writes
The dead Bob Dylan
knows the stones, coast to coast,
build a tower underground
The dead Bob Dylan
never bleeds—angel seeds
sprout from dusty cowboy sounds
The times are unchanging now
Answers fall as the wind dies down


Some nice accidents as the music came together: some parts were stepping on the lyrics, and I found they worked fine offset by a bar over a different chord…and given that the chords in the song are all a bit unsettled (lots of 9ths and 11ths and such), that seemed to work well.

I think I found myself wondering, okay, what might a dead Bob Dylan know, or want to know, or do? Well, I know I couldn’t have written something like this after ol’ Bob actually does die, so I figured I’d finish it up early.

The song itself: Monkey Typing Pool “The Dead Bob Dylan”


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