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It’s the Summer 2013 Songpile – Diet Blonde. Once again: these are songs I like that came my way which aren’t on albums I own (yet), or they might be from singles, EPs, live tracks, etc. They’re arranged in an order that sounds good.

This is the list:

  1. The Revenants “Scott Miller Said”
  2. Free Time “Nothin’ but Nice”
  3. Morningbell “We Have Eyes Instead of Ears”
  4. Paul Weller “Flame-Out!”
  5. Hooded Fang “Ode to Subterranea”
  6. Harouki Zombi “Objet Petit A”
  7. Johnny Marr “Psychic Beginner”
  8. Linda Draper “Shadow of a Coal Mine”
  9. Debbie Neigher + Tidelands “Atoms”
  10. No Joy “Hare Tarot Lies”
  11. Photo Ops “You Said You Were”
  12. Gentleman Reg “Waiting Around for Gold”
  13. Audacity “Finders Keepers”
  14. The Pedaljets “Terra Nova”
  15. White Fence “Fragility”
  16. The Sky Drops “Let it Sound”
  17. Boy + Kite “Right Above Me”
  18. Brass Bed “Please Don’t Go”
  19. Saturday Looks Good to Me “Sunglasses”
  20. Kobo Town “Postcard Poverty”
  21. Dutch Uncles “Lovebone”
  22. Divine Fits “Ain’t That the Way”
  23. Liars “I Saw You from the Lifeboat”
  24. Pure X “Thousand Year Old Child”
  25. Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge “Zombie Tots”

(There’s also a Spotify version that’s missing a bunch of tracks, if that be the way thou rolleth.)


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