Grooving such cooky spaghetti

Spring 2013 songpile – again, these are my favorite songs that came my way but which aren’t on albums I own (yet).

The Failed Snark: Spring 2013

  1. Anton Barbeau with The Corner Laughers “Drinkin’ Horn”
  2. Queued Up “Wringin’ Wet”
  3. LA Font “Onshore”
  4. Thalia Zedek Band “Walk Away”
  5. Amor de Días “Jean’s Waving”
  6. Pop Zeus “Devil’s in the Details”
  7. Photo Ops “It Makes Me Cry”
  8. Maria Minerva “The Sound”
  9. Mahogany “Phase Break”
  10. Momus “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”*
  11. Pick a Piper “All Her Colours”
  12. Boy + Kite “Fall”
  13. Smoke Fairies “The Three of Us”
  14. Drew Danburry “Jennifer Connell, or Fools Mock but They Shall Mourn”
  15. Radar Bros. “If We Were Banished”
  16. TTNG “Cat Fantastic”
  17. Field Mouse “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”
  18. Mazes “Skulking”
  19. All Tiny Creatures “Quickest Cut”
  20. Foxygen “San Francisco”
  21. The Drovers “Fountain of Amrita”
  22. Day Joy “Go to Sleep, Mess”
  23. The Holydrug Couple “Follow Your Way”
  24. Rare Monk “Sleep Attack”
  25. Dead Gaze “I Found the Ending”

* This song was written by Momus the day the Bowie video for the song of the same title was released: it’s cobbled together musically from bits of Bowie tracks, and the lyrics are Momus’s notion of what the Bowie song might sound like (he hadn’t heard it at the time). Sounds nothing like the actual Bowie song…but I like it a lot!


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