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Here’s the winter 2012 songpile (stuff I’ve run into that’s not on albums I own, new or old…with occasional cheatery), which I’ve called Jars of Severity. (Update: the first version I put up had a truncated version of one song…so redownload. Also: the Spotify version has only 13 tracks…)

  1. Levek “Girl in the Fog”
  2. Lilys “Well Traveled Is Protest”
  3. Snowmine “The Hill”
  4. Motel Beds “Ladder Dancer”
  5. Johnny Marr “The Messenger”
  6. Toy “Left Myself Behind”
  7. The Ampersands “Golems in Waves”
  8. TKTTSM “Eyeyeye”
  9. Writer “Hot Days”
  10. Jumbling Towers “Our Rehab Neighborhood”
  11. Gangi “Railways Nos. 1-27”
  12. Boris “Flare”
  13. Zig Zags “Wastin’ My Time”
  14. Drive-By Truckers “This Fucking Job” (Daytrotter version)
  15. Garland Jeffreys “Eggs”
  16. Rosie Flores “Working Girl’s Guitar”
  17. Parquet Courts “Borrowed Time”
  18. Beauty Pill “This Is the Hidden Track”
  19. David Bronson “The Turns”
  20. Jeff Lynne “Strange Magic” (acoustic, with Richard Tandy on piano)
  21. Ozone Baby “Let’s Pretend We’re Spies” (feat. Faye Hunter on vocals)
  22. Pure Bathing Culture “Ivory Coast”
  23. The Monkees “Love Is Only Sleeping”
  24. Ex Cops “James”
  25. Jonathan Coulton “Todd the T1000”

And thus, my year-end flurry of playlists ends.


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