Fall 2012 songpile comin’ right up – every three months, my mix of songs that aren’t on albums I own – various free and promo downloads, live tracks, miscellany, even older songs that I’ve just become acquainted with…these are the best 25. This one is called Sputtering Targets, and it has a sequence (and the chorus goes…and the chorus goes…and the chorus goes…)

  1. The Mommyheads “Skinny White Uptight”
  2. Michael the Blind “Who Is She?”
  3. Sean 0’Sean “Don’t You Worry About a Thing”
  4. Opossom “Blue Meanies”
  5. Melody’s Echo Chamber “I Follow You”
  6. Vinyl Williams “Harmonious Change”
  7. Zula “Make Contact”
  8. Helvetia “RyBro”
  9. Sic Alps “Glyphs”
  10. thenewno2 “Make it Home”
  11. Moons “Waves at Night”
  12. Mount Eerie “Ocean Roar”
  13. Malka Spigel “See it Sideways”
  14. Dead Leaf Echo “Act of Truth”
  15. Constants “Sunrise”
  16. Eternal Summers “Millions”
  17. Sera Cahoone “Naked”
  18. Blessed Feathers “Hey! All You Floridians”
  19. Carolyn Mark “Not Like the Movies”
  20. California Wives “Marianne”
  21. Indians “I Am Haunted” (4.A.D. Sessions version)
  22. Garrison Starr “Between the Devil’s Rain and a Dying Language”
  23. Sharon Van Etten “Leonard”
  24. The Cribs “Come On, Be a No-One”
  25. Swearin’ “Kenosha”
  26. +



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