Wintry mix of noise, songs otherwise contextless in that I generally don’t own the albums from which they come (if there is one)—some might be new as of 2011, or just new to me (the oldest one in this playlist is from 1963…). This one is called cmd (and there’s one more playlist forthcoming, my covers mix for the second half of 2011…by process of elimination you just might be able to figure out its title…):

  1. Fidlar “Max Can’t Surf”
  2. Parenthetical Girls “A Note to Self”
  3. The Canyons “My Rescue”
  4. The Human Hearts “Cheap Sunglasses”
  5. Big Fresh “Rumours”
  6. Dent May “Eastover Wives”
  7. Holler, Wild Rose! “Indigo Summer”
  8. The Sandwitches “In the Garden”
  9. Stevie Jackson “Man of God”
  10. Shelby Earl “Under Evergreen”
  11. A Classic Education “Forever Boy”
  12. B and Not B “Tomorrow Never Comes”
  13. Dntel [ft. Ben Gibbard] “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”
  14. Lissy Trullie “Madeleine”
  15. The Baseball Project “C’mon Prince (Stay in Milwaukee)”
  16. Saul Williams “Patience”
  17. The Birthday Suit “Do You Ever?”
  18. Craig Wedren “Cupid”
  19. Blue Öyster Cult “In Thee”
  20. Milagres “Here to Stay”
  21. Rebecca Zapen “Lakewood”
  22. Chuck Jackson “I Keep Forgettin'”
  23. The Nocturnes “The Road”
  24. R.E.M. “We All Go Back to Where We Belong”
  25. The dB’s “Revolution of the Mind”

+ … bonus!

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