translation: holy shit!

Here’s my fall playlist of my fave new(ish) noise – called, thrillingly, alt-option. Everything’s from 2011, so far as I know, unless noted otherwise:

e.g. "The Mona Lisa"

  1. “Amber Hands” S.C.U.M.
  2. “Think in Stereo” Boy + Kite
  3. “Talking Science” You Can Be a Wesley
  4. “Circle Drive” Conrad Plymouth
  5. “The Way It Will Be” Gillian Welch
  6. “You Can’t Keep Me” Amy LaVere
  7. “Cliché” Male Model (1981)
  8. “An Arcade from the Warm Rain That Falls” Comet Gain
  9. “Every Melting Degree” Violens
  10. “The Strawberry Coast” The Larch
  11. “These Words” Megafaun
  12. “Return to Pepperland” Paul McCartney (1987, unreleased)
  13. “You’re Already Gone” The Dig
  14. “Speaking Politely” Sleepy Kitty
  15. “Get a Summer Song Goin'” The Fall (2010, vinyl only)
  16. “Painting Dollar Bills” Fay Wrays
  17. “Ghost in the Garden” Her Space Holiday
  18. “You’d Smile Back” The Caribbean (Daytrotter Session rec’d 2010 released 2011)
  19. “Love” The Nocturnes
  20. “Inland Valley Water Table Blues” The Human Hearts
  21. “Excuse Me Who Am I Talking To?” Regal Degal
  22. “Revelations” Devon Williams
  23. “Come to Mary” Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter
  24. “Murderous Joy” Carter Tanton
  25. “Gold Faces” Okkervil River






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2 responses to “translation: holy shit!

  1. Damn, I think I’m out of town when Jesse Sykes plays Toronto. But yay new album!

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