summer mix 2011

My second mix of 2011. Ground rules: these are tracks that are either from albums I don’t own, or from EPs, live albums, compilations, and the like that aren’t eligible under my own rules for “best album.” Many of them are new; some of them aren’t—but they’re all tracks I ran into in the first three months of this year and liked a lot. They’re sequenced to play with no gap between tracks.

This one’s called control:

  1. And And And “Buy You”
  2. Jeff Beam “Venus Flying Trapeze”
  3. Violens “Be Still”
  4. EMA “Milkman”
  5. Grown-Ups “Actually Bankrupt”
  6. Vaccination “La Lascivious”
  7. Skates & Rays “Pushing Forty”
  8. Caitlin Rose “Shanghai Cigarettes”
  9. Wolf Ram Heart “Humming Doves”
  10. Snailhouse “Sentimental Gentlemen”
  11. The Mike Benign Compulsion “My Michelle”
  12. Liam Finn “Second Chance” (Daytrotter session)
  13. The Young Sinclairs “Llama Farm (Emblems)”
  14. The Soft Province “I See Two Eyes”
  15. Crystal Antlers “Summer Solstice”
  16. Sun Airway “Wild Palms”
  17. Belong “Perfect Life”
  18. Ford & Lopatin “Emergency Room”
  19. Figurines “Good Old Friends” (acoustic)
  20. Army Navy “Ode to Janice Melt”
  21. Sondre Lerche “Private Caller”
  22. Dengue Fever “Cement Slippers”
  23. Bing Ji Ling “Move On”
  24. Pursesnatchers “Baseball on the Radio”
  25. Pacific Pride “Yankee Soda”

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4 responses to “summer mix 2011

  1. Michael

    I note that no one has ever seen Bob Ham and you in the same place at the same time. Just sayin’.

  2. Does he play drums with Robert Pollard too?

  3. Although to be fair, no one has ever seen most people and me in the same place at the same time.

    That would be quite the crowded place.

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