tick tock

For some reason, it seemed as if many musicians in the ’70s were fascinated by the notion of time…of course, usually this was your basic “oh wow, man…like…time, y’know?” sort of weedly-weedly-woo – but I still thought it’d be fun to make a mix featuring several songs from the ’70s on this subject. Later in the decade, in the wake of punk, the fascination changed to something more like ZOMG fast-fast too much to do zoom! – as reflected in the last few tracks. So, here’s T-Minus 70:

  1. “Fly Like an Eagle” Steve Miller Band
  2. “Time” Pink Floyd
  3. “Clocks/The Angel of Mons” Steve Hackett
  4. “Time Is Passing” Pete Townshend
  5. “Time” Cat Stevens
  6. “Time” David Bowie
  7. “Sands of Time” Fleetwood Mac
  8. “Time Passes Slowly” Bob Dylan
  9. “No Time” The Move
  10. “Beat the Clock” Sparks
  11. “Got the Time” Joe Jackson
  12. “Clockout” Devo

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One response to “tick tock

  1. Paula

    Nice. And then there’s Al Stewart’s mellow “Time Passages”…

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