because they are, you know.

So a while back, I thought it might be fun to do a sound collage in the style of “Revolution 9.” That meant, of course, thinking about what that style was. I’ve written before about “Revolution 9” (at least once), and more astute listeners than myself have had much to say about it, which influenced my thinking here quite a bit.

Anyway: about all I’ll say is that the resulting collage, “Grasses Are Longer Than Hair,” has distinct sections, and that which sound sources were used in which section was something I thought about, and that making this sound good (to my ears) was a lot of work…and not at all dissimilar to working with more conventional musical materials, at least not to my way of thinking.

Also contains: a secret sonic alphabet, a gaggle of fourth graders chanting backwards and slowed down, a very extended chromatic scale, a recording from a camera’s microphone from the Museum of Jurassic Technology, a modified phone message from my university’s tech department, and faux-German consonantal percussion. You can listen and hear what else you find…

Celltab “Grasses Are Longer Than Hair”


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