The Peter Pan Principle

What do these three recent events (two on the national stage, one just a local, individual incident) have in common?

  1. Wisconsin Republicans decide to try to sneak some legislation past the opposition by calling a session for 5 pm but beginning it five minutes early and trying to rush things through before the Democrats can realize;
  2. Republican members of Congress, having adopted a posturing procedural rule that all proposed legislation must cite a specific Constitutional provision upon which the legislation is justified, ignore it with nearly their first proposed legislation…and when called on it, first pretend not to understand the objection, then point to a laughably specious justification in Article I, Section I (which gives Congress the right to legislate…and which was not, in any event, specifically mentioned in the proposed legislation); and
  3. Some guy in a jacked up truck with superfluous extra rear tires and custom exhaust pipes rigged immediately behind the cab, guns his engine at a red light, puffing enormous black clouds of crap into the air…when the light changes he tailgates the car in front of him and periodically continues to gun his engine, releasing more choking smoke.

If you said “they’re acting like smart-ass teenage boys,” bingo.

If I had to adopt a simple platform for the most important change to happen in America today, it would be only four words long: “Grow the fuck up.” (Okay – make it two words to get rid of the teensiest touch of cognitive dissonance…)

I wrote on this nearly eight years ago…and except for forgetting a handful of then-contemporary references in the intervening years, not a single idea has changed…except that, sadly, now more women are being encouraged to act like petulant and insecure teenage girls. Progress?


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