I Meme Mine

The last post had many words. This one has fewer.

It’s mostly the track list for my fave-albums 2010 mix, I Meme Mine:

  1. Violens “Full Collision” Amoral
  2. Women “Narrow with the Hall” Public Strain
  3. Miles Kurosky “Dead Language Blues” The Desert of Shallow Effects
  4. Clinic “Lion Tamer” Bubblegum
  5. The Mitchells “Charts and Graphs” The Secret Sounds
  6. Serena Maneesh “Melody for Jaana” No. 2: Abyss in B Minor
  7. The Mike Benign Compulsion “The Soothing Sounds of Seals & Crofts” Rollicking Musical
  8. Paul Weller “7&3 Is the Striker’s Name” Wake Up the Nation
  9. Suuns “PVC” Zeroes QC
  10. Field Music “Each Time Is a New Time” Field Music (Measure)
  11. Vampire Weekend “Cousins” Contra
  12. The Chap “We Work in Bars” Well Done Europe
  13. Soviet League “The Mirror” Soviet League
  14. The Walkmen “Woe Is Me” Lisbon
  15. Pernice Brothers “The Great Depression” Goodbye, Killer
  16. Agony Aunts “Linus’s Fists of Death” Greater Miranda
  17. Paula Carino “Road to Hell” Open on Sunday
  18. Los Campesinos! “The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future” Romance Is Boring
  19. School of Seven Bells “Camarilla” Disconnect from Desire
  20. Brad Laner “Little Death” Natural Selections
  21. The Posies “Notion 99” Blood/Candy
  22. Anton Barbeau “Reasonable Freq.” Psychedelic Mynde of Moses
  23. Owen Pallett “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” Heartland
  24. Mark Eitzel “Like a River That’s Reaching the Sea” Klamath
  25. Superchunk “Crossed Wires” Majesty Shredding

By this point, you know the drill.



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3 responses to “I Meme Mine

  1. Harry Georgeson


  2. Thanks. I just ordered the Vampire Weekend album on a whim, so I feel semi-vindicated.

  3. Rex

    Excellent. These never fail to produce three or four albums with which I can become totally obsessed a year after everyone cool got done with them. A lifeline!

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