Rent Is Too Damn High (Fall 2010 mix)

An assemblage of fun songs that I ran into in the last three months of 2010. Colors from alternate dimensions may become visible at some point during this one.

  1. Clean Hands “She Let Loose” demo (newish Milwaukee three-piece…worth checking out)
  2. Steve Wynn & the Miracle Three “Resolution”
  3. Young Veins “Everyone But You”
  4. Modern English “Blister” (yes, that Modern English)
  5. The Lucksmiths “Get-to-Bed Birds”
  6. The Scottish Enlightenment “Necromancer”
  7. Los Campesinos! “Too Many Flesh Suppers”
  8. Flight “Real Estate” (the brickest brick that ever bricked)
  9. Porcelain Raft “The Back of My Eyes”
  10. Camper Van Beethoven “Tom Flower’s 1000 Valves”
  11. Esben and the Witch “Warpath”
  12. Bear in Heaven “Fake Out” [Glass Ghost remix]
  13. The Fresh & Onlys “Waterfall”
  14. Who Shot Guy Smiley “Smilin’ Joe Fission”
  15. Bad Books “You Wouldn’t Have to Ask”
  16. No Demons Here “Station (Is a Gift)”
  17. Pogo “Wishery”
  18. Heavy Hawaii “Sleeping Bag”
  19. The Action “Sandpiper”
  20. Prinzhorn Dance School “Seed, Crop, Harvest”
  21. The Black Angels “True Believers”
  22. Yusuf Azak “Eastern Sun”
  23. Beauty Pill “You, Yes You”
  24. Gary Wilson “Secret Girl”
  25. Carol Bui “Mira: You’re Free with Me”

We comment so you don’t have to.



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2 responses to “Rent Is Too Damn High (Fall 2010 mix)

  1. PC

    You know, the rent *is* too damn high. Thanks, Jeff.

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