As part of his “39-40” yearlong daily covers project, my friend Rex has just covered Monkey Typing Pool’s obscure b-side “(Here’s One I Bet You Wouldn’t Want to Meet) In the Wild.” (Original version is here.) Granted, they’re all obscure b-sides – and granted, since he’s in an all-request format these days, it just so happened that the Monkey-in-Chief was the requestor – but hey: we can thank and blame the gods of fate that it actually happened, since it was chosen at random from among that day’s requests.

This is the first time I’ve heard anyone else play any of my music – and it’s gratifying to hear the song fleshed out in a way that, I think, makes it work quite well. So thanks, Rex.

Also: Because this site is included among Rex’s links, and because I updated the entry for the original track the other day (I found a typo or two to correct), that song was already twice-linked from Rex’s site. Now, with this entry linking back to Rex’s site, and also including a link to the original song – and with this entry soon to be auto-linked among Rex’s own links – I expect our mutual Google rankings to be reaching stratospheric, feedback-induced heights at any moment.


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