Summer, or Fall, mixiness

What the hell? Four days in a row? Is blogging making a comeback?

Anyway: here’s my third quarterly/seasonal mix of the year, covering new stuff (new to me) that caught my ears (but which isn’t on albums I own yet) from July through September. This time around, it’s called Full-On Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky! As always with these, the playlist is sequenced to play straight through with no extra gaps between the tracks. Enjoy:

  1. The Wagner Logic “Waiting for Snow”
  2. Cloud Nothings “Hey Cool Kid”
  3. Wavves “King of the Beach”
  4. Savoir Adore “The Cave of Good Secrets”
  5. Pop Winds “Met Some New Colors”
  6. Deastro “Get Frostied”
  7. Sun Airway “Waiting on You”
  8. Tamaryn “Sandstone”
  9. Barb “Leo”
  10. David Bowie “Your Turn to Drive”
  11. Frosty “Organ Grinder’s Monkey”
  12. The Weepies “Be My Thrill”
  13. TV Buddhas “Fun Girls”
  14. Best Coast “Boyfriend”
  15. Telenovelas “Bloody Mary”
  16. The Depreciation Guild “Through the Snow”
  17. The Intelligence “Males”
  18. Oh No Ono “Icicles” (Efterklang remix)
  19. Simon Bookish “Introducing…Elektra Therapy”
  20. Suuns “Nnnnnnn”
  21. Colleen Green “Worship You”
  22. The Corin Tucker Band “Riley”
  23. The Wrens “Crescent”
  24. Terrapin Pond “Medicines and Motions”
  25. The Baseball Project “The Ballad of Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson”

The comments are so bright and vivid!



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2 responses to “Summer, or Fall, mixiness

  1. Rex

    FODRATWATS is now my favorite acronym EVARS.

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