track o’ the week

I’m going to try to remember to post a track every weekend, just to keep this puppy going instead of just posting ideas into the everflowing void that is Facebook.

Anyway: I forget where I ran into this song, but it’s a great sort of glam punk number about sex with robots*. That was the sort of thing one wrote songs about in the seventies, you know.

Ozzie “Android Love” (single, 1977)

* Any geek slams with a “robots aren’t the same thing as androids,” I have an interesting suggestion concerning the proposed placement of a icosohedral die.



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2 responses to “track o’ the week

  1. villain

    nice. I see there’s a 22 track best of on eMusic, d’you endorse Ozzie generally, or this a real standout track?

  2. Dunno – this is the only one I’ve heard. I’ll have to check out the samples at eMusic…

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