this year’s muddle (part 2)

If you clicked on the link in the comments prior to about 4 pm 7/30, please re-download the file: several tracks had inadvertent distortion introduced. The new version eliminates that – all distortion is as the musicians and the Flying Spaghetti Monster intended.

Twenty-five fave stray tracks that have come my way from April through June of this year. (“Stray tracks” as in: not from whole albums I own.) Surprisingly high Wisconsin content; also, a Bowie song no one knows about because (like “All the Young Dudes” but less successful) he gave it away to someone else, a solo New Pornographer (not one of the obvious three), and a sample from a website special. This one’s called Fukkin’ Magnets, How Do They Work?

  1. Darker My Love “Dear Author”
  2. The Young Sinclairs “Tribe”
  3. The Whitsundays “I Can’t Get Off of My Cloud”
  4. Fever Marlene “Setting Sun”
  5. Trentemøller “Sycamore Feeling
  6. Zola Jesus “I Can’t Stand”
  7. Earl Slick “Isn’t It Evening (The Revolutionary)” feat. David Bowie
  8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Thought Balloon”
  9. Gasoline Silver “Indianapolis”
  10. Thee Oh Sees “I Was Denied”
  11. White Mystery “Farmer”
  12. The Like “He’s Not a Boy”
  13. Tender Trap “Girls with Guns”
  14. Luxury “Countdown”
  15. Shadow Shadow Shade “Is This a Tempest in the Shape of a Bell?”
  16. The Ruby Suns “Closet Astrologer”
  17. Elk City “Nine O’Clock in France”
  18. Hawksley Workman “Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky”
  19. Viernes “Entire Empire”
  20. Friendo “Oversees”
  21. Richard Youngs “Love in the Great Outdoors”
  22. Kathryn Calder “Slip Away”
  23. Jody Porter “Aurora”
  24. Sam Phillips “Lever Pulled Down”
  25. The Sadies “Another Year Again”

Check das comments.



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2 responses to “this year’s muddle (part 2)

  1. Paula

    Thank you, generous fellow.

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