the noise it noiseth every day

Here’s a selection of 25 songs that were newish to me and came my way from July through September this year (i.e., this is the third of four such mixes). Still to come: a similar selection drawn from “new” stuff heard from October through the end of the year, my 25 favorite cover tracks of the year, and 20 or so songs from my favorite actual “albums” that I actually own in one way or another. Almost all of these came my way via publicists, free downloads, etc.

Without adoing at all further, I present mix #3 of 2009, Death Panel! :

  1. The Da Vincis “Standing in Line” [edit]
  2. Pet Lions “Propeller”
  3. Radiohead “These Are My Twisted Words”
  4. Toro y Moi “Blessa”
  5. A.A. Bondy “I Can See the Pines Are Dancing”
  6. Rose Elinor Dougall “Start/Stop/Synchro”
  7. 3PUEN “Sugar Cookie”
  8. The Misbelieves “Shattered and Blue”
  9. Firs “The Descent”
  10. David Bazan “Bless This Mess”
  11. Mount Eerie “Stone’s Ode”
  12. The Low Anthem “Charlie Darwin”
  13. The Fresh & Onlys “Invisible Forces”
  14. Flight “Flowers”
  15. Davie Allan & the Arrows “Cycle-Delic”
  16. Chicha Libre “Six Pieds Sous Terre”
  17. Rain Machine “Give Blood”
  18. Still Life Still “Neon Blue”
  19. The Harvey Girls “Sherlock Jr.”
  20. As Tall as Lions “Circles”
  21. The Joy Formidable “Greyhounds in the Slips”
  22. My First Earthquake “Vow to Vowels”
  23. Los Campesinos! “The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future”
  24. Nino Rota “L’uccello Magico”
  25. Devo “Time Out (Echo Nest Remix)”

A few comments. If that first track seems to go on, consider it’s actually 8 minutes long rather than 5. Yet, curiously, it becomes something quite different once you accept that fact. (E-mail if you want to hear the full thing: I’ve actually overlaid a few parts in this edit.) Yes, that’s Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio as Rain Machine. The oldest song here is from 1966, I think (Davie Allan). Do you have some foot-thick lead doors that need melting? The guitar in the middle of this track should do the trick. (And the guitar on that Flight track might melt two-foot-thick doors.) The Devo track is an edit of “Time Out for Fun” created by some software that, apparently, can be set up to automatically detect the beat and (in this case) chop every other beat out entirely. (I’d be curious to hear the corresponding track, “For Fun,” should someone put it together…)


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