amaranth (red no. 2)

Some secret societies allow their members to make themselves known to one another by means of subtle conventions, such as secret handshakes. Other groups develop unwritten rules as well – such as movie and TV screenwriters, who always abide by the convention that any scene set in a police station must present a prostitute walking by in the background (I do not know what the penalty for violating this one is, but it must be severe).

I have recently discovered another such unwritten rule. Here is a list:


Guns n’ Roses Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II

—Released on the same day in 1991—


Bruce Springsteen Human Touch and Lucky Town

—Released on the same day in 1992—


Frank Black Devil’s Workshop and Black Letter Days

—Released on the same day in 2002—


Tom Waits Blood Money and Alice

—Released on the same day in 2002—

Quite evidently, if you release two albums on the same day (as separate releases, not a two-disc set), the cover of one of those two albums must prominently feature the color red.



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3 responses to “amaranth (red no. 2)

  1. John Person

    Red letter day?

  2. Wow. I do not have enough drugs to truly grok the implications of this.

  3. jonder

    Nelly was apparently unaware of this rule when he released Sweat/Suit. Maybe the rule expired by 2004. Or maybe Nelly was being a Mave/Rick.

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