someone controls electric guitar!

Electric guitars are good at making loud noises that are interesting to hear. Some proof…from guitar players of three different generations.

First up, two of the better electric guitar players of the 1950s square off in a lengthy jam recorded after their commercial prime…but interestingly anticipating some musical moves of the next few years. Here’s Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley with “Chuck’s Beat,” from 1964.

By 1967, of course, psychedelic jams were hardly news…but for (im)pure raw aggressive guitar tone, it’s hard to beat Davie Allan & the Arrows’ signature song “Cycle-Delic“: play it loud and that part near the end just might cut your lawn for you. Or attract a herd of lovesick Harleys.

Skipping ahead to the current day, we have a new track from Flight. Back in the ’70s, there was a brief trend of believing that talking to and playing music for your plants helped them thrive. That may be…but don’t play “Flowers” for your flowers: they will most likely burst into flame instead.

Chuck Berry with Bo Diddley “Chuck’s Beat” (1964)

Davie Allan & the Arrows “Cycle-Delic” (1967)

Flight “Flowers” (2009)


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