marketing fail

A bit of old news…but since I don’t know when the last time I was in a McDonald’s other than to pee or perhaps buy a soda on the road, I missed it. Apparently, McDonald’s introduced a wrap in Japan which they named the “McWrap.” Say that a few times…yep. Someone was paying at least a little bit of attention (although not enough that, judging from a cursory googling, the item wasn’t sold under that name in some English-speaking places, such as Australia) – but not too much, as the item is available on US McDonald’s menus (such as this menu downloadable from the McDonald’s website) called…a “snack wrap.”

I hate to break it to them…but that still places the “k” sound directly in front of the syllable “rap” – and the item’s name sounds an awful lot like “snack crap.”

My guess is, it is.


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