Jeff in minus 49 years

So, a lot of my friends have been using the “” website (as I did for my most recent Facebook profile image also). I haven’t watched the show (it’s on our Netflix queue), but it’s intriguing to imagine: what would I be like if I were essentially myself, except it’s 1960? I’d’ve been born in 1913…which means I would have been 28 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. This is where it gets interesting: what aspects of my own, actual history (and the history in the world beyond myself) influence my attitudes? Would I have been the pacifist I am here and now (perhaps influenced by growing up during Vietnam), or would I have seen the fight against fascism as the moral choice, and enlisted at 28? Of course, I may have felt the war was justified without enlisting – I won’t pretend I always make the difficult but morally correct choices – but that’s just one way in which imagining who I’d be gets complicated.

Still, if I didn’t have quite the cynicism toward the corporate world I actually have – which may have been entirely possible for a person of my background and personality growing up in that era – I may well have ended up in advertising. I’m interested in writing, of course…but also in graphic design, and in psychology, and such a career may well have seemed appealing to the hypothetical late-1950s me.

I probably would have been slightly hipster-ish (as I am now), which is why I chose the bearded illustration, and as I noted in my comment on the backgrounded version of the image, I chose that one because the woman depicted looks vaguely like Rose…okay, very vaguely (blonde, white, slim). And as I said: I think Rose would have found her way into a career, even in the fifties. And for her, something in advertising or design would be even more natural (she’s often said she wishes she had gone into design rather than architecture…at least, she says that when there’s too much overtime for stupid reasons!).

To twist this around a bit, I find myself thinking of late-fifties/early-sixties films…for some reason in particular Rear Window, with myself in the Jimmy Stewart role and Rose in the Grace Kelly role. (Am I confusing my fifties Hitchcock films, or was she not a designer of some sort in that film?) That’s slightly amusing…imagining myself facing off against Raymond Burr and wielding a flashbulb as a weapon…

(PS: I believe this is my first blog post recycled from a Facebook note… I’ve linked to several blog posts in Facebook, but this is probably the first time traffic has flowed the other way…sign of changing times maybe…)


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  1. I also changed my Facebook icon to a Mad Man. I fear that in the 60s I would have been a total tool. As opposed to the partial tool that I am now.

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