Hollywood Midwest?

I was driving down Brady Street yesterday when I noticed a couple of shops with new storefront signage…in Italian. And a horse-drawn cart covered with straw. My thoughts that someone had taken retro Brady Street a bit too far were interrupted by a sign telling passersby that, no, this was just a movie. A little Googling told me that the film is No God, No Master, starring David Strathairn, which began filming two days ago. I figured it wasn’t just a local production by the scale and scope of the “remodeling”: an entirely new windowpane with the “store”‘s name painted on it, and several large trucks full of equipment on the sidestreets.

So this, after parts of Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies were filmed here – clearly we’re movin’ on up to the big time. I suggest a large sign, formed from empty beer bottles, spelling out MILWAUKEE, to be hung from the peak of the Hoan Bridge…


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