April showers, May flowers, June ne sais quoi

Three more months of my favorite newish songs: as with the last batch, these primarily come my way via publicists and other folks’ mp3 blogs. Although in this batch, one song features my brother on bass, and another is by a band led by a friend of mine…so there’s that. (They’re good songs, though!)

As I noted, this year’s mixes will be titled after political follies (because it seems to be a banner year for them), and so, inevitably, this mix is called…

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

  1. Jaill “No Mindless Love”
  2. Les Plymouths “Revolution Tears”
  3. Railcars “Life of St Edmund (Ponds) + Castles”
  4. Pterodactyl “First Daze”
  5. Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound “By the Rippling Green”
  6. The Bats “Castle Light” (single version)
  7. Skates & Rays “Ft. Ashby” (initial mix)
  8. Matthew Caws “Blizzard of ’77”
  9. Rae Spoon “Come On Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down”
  10. Liechtenstein “All at Once”
  11. Liam Finn “Come Home Sam”
  12. Blank Dogs “Tin Birds”
  13. Holopaw “Curious”
  14. Deradoorian “Moon”
  15. We Are Hex “Easy Vision”
  16. Diamond Watch Wrists “Onward Push Me Out”
  17. Reigns “Mab Crease”
  18. Nico Muhly ft. Sam Amidon – excerpt from The Only Tune (“Two Sisters”)
  19. Juliana Hatfield “There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)”
  20. Lotus Plaza “A Threaded Needle”
  21. So Cow “Casablanca”
  22. Bob Mould “Life and Times” (acoustic from Daytrotter session)
  23. Great Northern “Snakes”
  24. Anti-Pop Consortium “Capricorn One”
  25. Jay Bennett “Hank”

See comments.



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2 responses to “April showers, May flowers, June ne sais quoi

  1. Rex

    Aw, man, links dead… I somehow missed this one and I’m even on it. Any way to revive this or get me a copy?

    Always love your compilations. They make me feel young and stuff.


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