three months’ noise

Long-time readers will know that at year’s end, I typically put together a series of mixes compiling the songs I liked best during the preceding years. These tended to consist of one mix of selections from my favorite new CDs of the year, four or five mixes gleaned from my listening during the year (new music or not), and sometimes another mix of covers. That’s a lot of music to be digested in one go, so I thought it’d make sense to parcel out the goodness over the course of the year.

Attentive calendar-watchers will note that it’s already more than halfway through the year – thus it is that I’ll be posting two mixes, but today, here’s a mix of “new-to-me” stuff from the first three months of the year. I’ve entitled the mix Mercury and the Fascist Dimes, because…well, I’m thinking each mix’s title will memorialize some of the more inane political moments of the year…

  1. Doug Mayo-Wells “Moving to Massachusetts”
  2. Love Is All “Wishing Well”
  3. The Spinto Band “Summer Grof” (Daytrotter acoustic version)
  4. Trespassers William “Safe, Sound”
  5. Arbouretum “False Spring”
  6. Cut Off Your Hands “Turn Cold”
  7. Situationists “We Are Weightless”
  8. Boo and Boo Too “No Tempo”
  9. Deradoorian “High Road”
  10. François Virot “Casscade Kisses”
  11. Willie Nelson “Hesitation Blues”
  12. Micachu and the Shapes “Calculator”
  13. Extra Golden “Anyango”
  14. The Beatles “Revolution” (take 20 RM1, edit)
  15. John Oszajca “The Day I Died”
  16. Phoenix “1901”
  17. Blackout Beach “Astoria, Menthol Lite, Hilltop, Wave of Evil 1982”
  18. Meursault “Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongues”
  19. Ganache “In Pidgin”
  20. Miharu Koshi “Parallelisme”
  21. The Whiskers “Heat Death”
  22. David Vandervelde “Need for Now” (Daytrotter version)
  23. Emperor X “Spieltier”
  24. John Wesley Harding “The End”

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