an unusually vivid and detailed dream…

…probably because it occurred shortly before I woke up this morning.

I was driving along Farwell Avenue when I thought I saw that Shank Hall had closed and been replaced by a Chinese restaurant (unimaginatively named “The Pagoda”) in the same location. I wasn’t sure if I’d seen that correctly, so even though I wasn’t in the right turn lane, I cautiously turned right, all the way to the one-way that goes behind the gas station across the street, in order to take a look. There was another Mini Cooper actually in the right-turn lane – but it was stopped, for some reason. It was decked out with rally accessories and had a red, blue, and gray paint job. It was rather dirty. I made eye contact with the driver, who seemed to get that I needed to make a right turn and was waiting for me.

I also realized that just before seeing the former Shank, there’d been a rather attractive woman walking along the sidewalk on the opposite (right-hand) side of the street – and I was worried that she’d think I was turning around to eyeball her. So I pulled into the gas station, next to a pump, as if I was getting gas – and confirmed that, indeed, Shank Hall was no more, and instead there was a Chinese restaurant in its place. It had oddly-shaped windows with green wooden trim.

Peculiarly, I wondered if a fellow Milwaukee blogger had said anything about this (in real life, if Shank had closed, she all but certainly would: she used to work there, and knows seemingly everyone in the local music scene) – and weirdly, she had not. I was sad that yet another Milwaukee cultural landmark had gone, following Harry W. Schwartz Books and Atomic Records into the dust.

Thankfully, this was all a dream – and Shank is still going! But if it closes down in the next few months, and a Chinese restaurant shows up in its place, I’ll have to revise my opinions on psychic phenomena!


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