Because nearly everyone else on the web will be posting links to songs performed by Michael Jackson in the next few days, I thought I’d post three songs about Michael Jackson (nominally, at least) instead:

Rheostatics “Fan Letter to Michael Jackson” (Introducing Happiness, 1995)

Negativland “Michael Jackson” (Escape from Noise, 1987)

Minutemen “Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing” (Double Nickels on the Dime, 1984)

And let us not forget: Sky Saxon, of The Seeds, also died:

Pere Ubu “Pushin’ Too Hard” (Datapanik in the Year Zero box set – recorded 1975)

And of course, as someone who was a teenager in the ’70s…(spelling’s close enough):

Motocaster “Farah” (Stay Loaded, 1994)


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  1. One of my Moodmat compatriots found this one:

    Apparently written by Stevie Wonder with MJ in mind as performer.

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