party like it’s 1699

I recently ran across this recording from the Harlem Sessions recording by A Camp. (Incidentally, Nina Persson’s spoken intro answers the question I’d had concerning the proper pronunciation of the band’s name: like the usual phrase, or as in “A-Team” – it’s the first one.) And my god, if you’d told me this was a cover of an unreleased Elvis Costello b-side circa Imperial Bedroom, I’d totally believe you. Everything about this song – the wordplay, the melodic line and chord structure, the cynical narrative perspective, even the way the lyric worries the metaphor – just reeks mid-period Elvis. I actually dug around a bit to make sure the track wasn’t in fact a Costello cover.

A Camp “The Crowning” (Harlem Sessions 2009)



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3 responses to “party like it’s 1699

  1. Don

    Thanks for the song. Do you know where one could find all the A Camp Harlem session songs? I have “Chinatown,” “I Signed the Line,” “Stronger than Jesus,” and now, “The Crowning.” Are there more? Thanx!

  2. Good question! I tried Googling – most “Harlem Sessions” involve (as you might perhaps expect) old soul and R&B recordings from the ’60s and ’70s… I think I have the same ones you do (probably from the same sources…these have been puttering in from various publicists over the last few months…) – so sorry I can’t help you out any further on that!

  3. Fede

    These are all the Harlem session versions that I have:

    1.Stronger than Jesus
    2.Love has left the room
    4.I signed the line
    5.My America
    6.The crowning

    Just google them, they are somewhere in the web. In fact, if you go to the Cardigans’ official website, you’ll find the links in the forum section.

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