Peeve Rout!

So let’s say you’re a publicist sending out promotional mp3s to music bloggers. The idea is, presumably, to get those bloggers to promote your band and its music.

This is pretty damned hard to do if the mp3 file lacks ID3 tags so we don’t know which song it is or who the band is. It’s really strange how many songs come my way without any info whatsoever embedded in the file. It’s one thing if your song is called something like “The Electric Walrus Holocene Protoplasmic Bash”…but, uh, “Love Song” is not going to help much in the Googling.

I mean, not everyone is going to play the song and Google lyrics to try to figure it out.

(Look for “Peeve Rout!” on the new Fall album – coming in like ten minutes I’m sure.)


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