a Milwaukee myth shattered!

Growing up in Milwaukee, a person gets indoctrinated with the notion that “bubbler” (for what most people call a “drinking fountain”) is a bit of local language, understood only hereabouts and, oddly enough, in New England.


A Facebook friend of mine got sent a “bubblah” as part of a “talk like a New Englanda” external app…and I commented that Milwaukeeans know that term but almost no one else does. Within hours, a Portland (Oregon) resident noted that Portland folks know it…and then someone from Australia chimed in, saying it was a familiar term to her as well.

Attention Milwaukee journalists writing stories on “local color”: drop the “bubbler” thing – it just isn’t true.


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One response to “a Milwaukee myth shattered!

  1. Bubbler has a technical plumbing definition as the little part of a drinking fountain that sprays the water. A drinking fountain that refrigerates the water is called an electric water cooler.

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